SRI LANKA after Tsunami

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Click to Enlarge P'Lau - This area was filled with houses... now nothing -- just south of Church Click to Enlarge P'Lau - Looking southwest Click to Enlarge P'Lau - southwest of church -- nothing left Click to Enlarge Looking west of church toward main road. Sand still wet 1 month after Tsunami
Click to Enlarge Temporary walkway across river between Koddai Kallar and Onthachimadam North causeway Click to Enlarge Beach head - sea on other side - was lined with coconut trees as tall as the one in the picture (25 ft). Second wave was above treetops. Click to Enlarge Lagoon beachhead was lined with coconut trees Click to Enlarge Beach head washed out - connecting sea with lagoon. Not small stretch of land in center - used to run through and connect to land on left.
Click to Enlarge Taken from south causeway leading to Kalmunai. British Navy ship anchored off coast for 10 days. Click to Enlarge Two small dugout boats tied together transporting motorcycles across river. This is how we got back and forth after 3 days of monsoon following Tsunami -- did this for 10 days. Click to Enlarge Onthachimadam - taken from North causeway going to Batticoloa Click to Enlarge Houses along main road next to causeway in Koddai kallar

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